Friday, October 3, 2008

Mill worker, Saturday afternoon, Lewiston, Maine, August, 1973


bobwalsh said...

Your photographs become more valuable every day--you have captured something that really identifies all that is human--all that we call the
human spirit. Your photos took me back to a time
I remember well. It is my wish that you get these
published and archived in a museum for future
generations. Thank you for sharing them through
the internet. Your interview was quite outstanding on NPR.

Debi said...

Echoing what Bob said...these are simply marvelous, as was your interview on "The Story." What an amazing thing to have done and to have. I hope the interview helps to renew interest in publishing this collection.

fivesustainablehomes said...

So beautiful. So your project. More need to see them. Thanks.

Mack said...

Are you sure this wasn't made in front of Sheehan's in Northampton?

Alex MacPhail said...

Well, Stracky Flea, you should know. Weren't you there, or at least in Bowdoinham, that very afternoon? I seem to have a series of photos of you hamming it up for the camera right about then. It's really good to hear from you. Best, Alex (do you have an email address so I can write you properly?)