Friday, October 3, 2008

Fabric designer, Bates Linen Mill, Lewiston, Maine, August 1973

I started my walk in Brunswick, ME, towards the end of August and spent a lot of time in and around Lewiston, ME, fascinated by the mills and the city. I was graciously granted permission to shoot in some of the mills like Bates which was a bit of luck because no photographers had been allowed in Bates, at least, since Lewis Hines took pictures there in the late 1800s for his book deploring child labor. After leaving Lewiston in early September I ventured across New Hampshire and reaching Vermont firmly decided to walk all the way across the US. I stayed with friends in Adamant, VT, and began the process of finding sponsors. I was offered equipment and support from Eastern Mountain Sports, L.L. Bean, Ilford Film, Kodak, Nikon and Tripod Camera of Northampton, MA. While in Vermont I also worked and saved money for my adventure. During December I experimented with various technical aspects by walking a good part of Vermont. I finally set out in early January 1974 from Monteplier, VT.

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